Adoption Events Program

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals presents several large, annual adoption events, all with the common goal of finding homes for more of NYC's homeless dogs and cats. These highly anticipated events provide families and individuals with a relaxed, entertaining, and convenient venue where they can meet hundreds of animals available for adoption from numerous shelters and rescue groups, all in a central location. Most of these events also feature additional services that promote responsible pet ownership, including dog licensing, low-cost microchipping, and pet care information.

Many weekends throughout the year, the Alliance's adoption van brings dogs and cats for adoption "to the people" in neighborhoods throughout New York City. Our adoption van is especially valuable to rescue groups that do not have a physical location to facilitate adoptions.

How Do Adoption Events Support Our Progress Toward a No-kill NYC?

The Alliance partners with more than 150 Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs) in our effort to promote adoption and reduce euthanasia at our city shelters. Many of our partner rescue groups rely on mega-adoption and mobile adoption events to find homes for the animals in their care. Mega-adoption and mobile adoption events are critical to raising public awareness about the important role that adoptions play in saving lives of thousands of Little New Yorkers each year.

How Does Your Donation Help?

Preparing for and staging these events involves many months of staff time and event-related expenses, including getting the word out to the public; keeping our adoption van rolling; coordinating volunteers; and securing supplies to showcase the animals.

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